Cornell Local Roads Program

Cornell Local Roads Program Tailgate Talks

Tailgate (or Toolbox) talks are short informational meetings held with employees to discuss a work-site related safety topic. The term tailgate meetings comes from the practice of meeting around the tailgate of a pickup truck on site.

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Engineering & Fall Workshops

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Value Capture Webinar Series
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NYSCHSA Summer conference
August 25-27, 2019
The Otesaga Resort Hotel

NYSAOTSOH 2019 Annual Conference
September 17 - September 20

The 2019 Bridge Conference
Oct 22-24, 2019 - Syracuse, NY

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Quick Answers

Are there any rules, regulations or requirements for how many hours a day a municipal worker with a CDL can plow
a highway?

There is no written requirement for municipal snowplow operators, more


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