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The 2018 Highway School will be held on June 4th - 6th. See you next year!

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Federal Highway Administration Webinar Webinar: Pavement Preservation When, Where, & How II

AASHTO launching two new safety related training courses.

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EDC Webinar: Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian

2017 Bridge Conference
Call for seminars

CLAS Seminar:Learn how to write an AID proposal

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Quick Answers

What performance level is needed for high-visibility safety apparel in a work zone?

While ANSI would like to see the Type 3 performance for high speed roads, the MUTCD only requires Type 2 or 3 performance level. However, Type 3 should be considered for flaggers in nighttime work. Going to the higher level, which requires more than just a vest, is something that should be considered in any situation more.

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